Paola Delfín: Effloresce

Effloresce public mural on the exterior of 1906 Gallery, San Antonio, Texas.

The Exhibition

Driven by a passion to make her art available to everyone, Mexico City-based urban artist, Paola Delfín creates highly technical paintings depicting the complex relationship between the human body and other organic forms. In addition to gallery exhibitions, her public artworks are marveled at worldwide in countries such as Mexico, Germany, Ukraine, China, USA, Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil and Romania, to name a few.

Curated by Hillarey Jones, Paola Delfín | Effloresce, is a new iteration of the feminine ideal stemming from techniques the artist has consistently used throughout her career. In an effort to address the constant development of, not only our biological physiology, but also the link to the natural world around us, Delfín has created a series of new work that radiates with the metaphor of blossoming femininity anchored in the roots from which we came.

© Paola Delfín

“The focus is about having an identity and remembering that much like a plant..or a flower…we all have a growing process, and we are able to transform our lives in many ways. The reason I focus on women is because the world has a way of portraying them as being fragile, or having the idea that because you are beautiful you cannot be strong…what I try to convey is that a woman can be everything in one.”

Paola Delfín

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