naomi wanjiku & jose ballí: cyclical rhythms

In this exhibition Naomi Wanjiku and Jose Balli’s work cohesively addresses themes of rebirth, fertility, rejuvenation, spirituality, and the cyclical nature of identity.

a natural remedy

coming soon.

catalina sour vasquez: projets dissolvants

Catalina Sour Vasquez’s series Projets Dissolvants is the catalyst for what has become her own unique, surrealist style. Superimposing imagery that caters to the senses with her delicately designed mise en scene, while utilizing color and über surrealist elements, she allows the viewer to focus on one specific, if not subconscious, component of the photograph.

paola delfín: effloresce

Driven by a passion to make her art available to everyone, Mexico City-based urban artist, Paola Delfín creates highly technical paintings depicting the complex relationship between the human body and other organic forms. 

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